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The General Assembly is Maryland's legislative body and directly represents the electorate. The state has 47 districts represented by 47 Senators and 141 Delegates. The Legislature enacts laws necessary for the welfare of the State's citizens and certain laws dealing with counties and special taxing districts; proposes amendments to the Maryland Constitution, which must be ratified by the voters during the general election; reviews the Governor’s Reapportionment and Redistricting plans; meets in regular session for 90 calendar days each year beginning the second Wednesday in January to act on more than 2500 pieces of legislation and the State's annual capital and operating budgets; and, meets in special session when called by the Governor or when a majority of each house petitions the Governor.
Bills/Dates Of Interest
General Assembly Convenes (Noon)
The beginning of the 2016 90-day legislative session
Governor's State of the State address
Governor Larry Hogan delivers his 2nd annual State of the State to the 188-members at 12P noon

Public Interest Bill of the Week:


HB570/SB404: Appointment of Maryland State School Superintendent process


'To change the current confirmation process which has the Senate confirming the members of the Board of Education, who in turn appoints and reappoints the state's school superintendent by a majority vote; to now have the BOE appoint the superintendent only to have the Senate have to confirm that appointee by the 'advise and consent' decree - making Maryland the ONLY state to have such a convulted and politicized appointment process!


The Senate's Education, Health and Environmental Affairs committee has already approved this bill, with the House Ways and Means committee set to hear the testimony on this bill this Thursday, February 18th at 1:00P. Call/Email the members of this committee and urge them to VOTE NO on HB570 


The following link will give you the contact information of these members:



Sine Die - End of the 90-day session
This marks the last day of the 90-day legislative session, known as 'Sine Die'
Other Dates of Interest:
Jan. 20th - Final date for Governor to introduce budget bill
Feb. 21st - 'Green Bag' Appointments submitted by Governor
Mar. 21st - Chamber Crossover Date (Passed bills go to opposite chamber)
Apr. 4th - Budget bill to be passed by both chambers (deadline)
May 11th - Final Day for an extended session to be called
Find out all dates of interest HERE

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